Indie Pop Obsession

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I could never say no to Indie music. They are refreshing like a cool breeze or lemon soda pop in a summer afternoon. Indie pop is usually happy, but not wild and ecstatic. It is sometimes sad, but not desperate and disillusioned. Indie is synonym for coziness. It means delight, comfort, subtle sadness and aesthetics. Music videos of Indie music are eye candies too.

The most recent song I listened to is Love Is Easy from British band McFly. The scene in music video is made like a classic stage play. It feels somebody next door is chatting with you from the basement. You two have been grown up together and now he is telling you about the girl he fell in love with.

Love is a station where people from all classes meet. He may not be rich, but he treats you right. He may not be very good-looking or fashionable dressed, but you feel happy and secure when he is around. He may not be smart or eloquent, but he is able to make you laugh. He may not be good at cooking, but he tries to surprise you with candle light dinner from time to time. So in reality, isn’t love this simple and easy? However ‘I’m laughing the clouds away, I hear what the flowers say’.

As the lyrics say, love is a simple equation with no complications. Here love can refer to so many kinds of love. Besides love between lovers, there needs to be more love and caring in the human world, more generosity to those who are in trouble and need a helping hand. Indeed, love makes the world go around and become a better place. When we take off our masks, all human relationships become simpler, isn’t it?


From Hardcore to New Age

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My love toward music can be divided into two categories, simplicity and passion. Human emotions are cyclical. One can be quite calm and rational as well as noisy and ecstatic. When we are feeling one way or another, we need the companion of suitable type of music. While immersed in the right tunes and lyrics, music becomes part of us, part of our thoughts. That what kind of music speaks you is in a way, you.

Then there is no wonder why I love both loud music such as rock and hardcore the same time I adore peaceful and magnificent music like New Age music. To just name a few, Enya, Yanni, Secret Garden and William Ackerman and so on, are some of the most well-known artists. There music allows you to listen to your inner voice freely, travel back through time and release your mind’s eye. Wounds seem to be cured here, in the most primitive form. Unknown language can some how explain me, that is because words may fail to speak our mind, while music could. That’s how New Age music makes me feel. We do not hear music when we listen, we hear ourselves. We hear a prose being composed with our thoughts while listening.

But with sharp lyrics, music can also be an outlet. That is how I feel when I heard “Holding on for yesterday, coz modern life is rubbish” Hardcore yells out and releases your emotions even without lyrics sometimes. But there are more talented lyrics in rock than any other types of music in my opinion. The reason is simple, rock needs to be emotional and at the same time rational. Or it is like rubble of lunatics. Rock does not need to impress any one as does in pop love songs. It is all about attitudes. These attitudes are universal as well as personal, which makes them easy to relate to.
I still remember how I feel when I first hear some of the songs or tunes. It is melancholy to listen to old stuff for the feelings and memories never go away.



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“Imagine” is also translated as “Daydream” by some people. It is composed by John Lennon. In September, 1971, the album of “Imagine” was welcomed and loved by fans and all kinds of people.

John Lennon is guitarist and singer in the Beatles. The English name of this band is Beatles. Some people translate it as the Beatles. The band is made up of four young men with working-class background in Liverpool in 1956. They are respectively Lennon, Paul Mccartney, George Harrison, and LinGe Starr. The Beatles really has opened up a new era and broken the custom that only sexy actress can dominate the stage. However, male singers can take the lead. In addition, it also opens up the age that British band conquers American record market. The Beatles was awarded “the Medal of British Empire” and become the pride of the people in Britain.

“Imagine” describes ideal society and world, which reminds us of the ancient Chinese essay Peach-Blossom Spring, western Utopia, and Martin Luther King’s I have a dream. Throughout history, a large number of people struggle for ideal freedom, equal and peaceful world. Sometimes they even sacrifice. There are no hell, no heaven, no country, no money, no death, no greed, no hungry and no religious ideal society in John Lennon’s songs. It is an ideal world. The song is full of deep artistic appeal. There is no doubt that Lennon, a classical figure in the history of rock, is a fighter who goes for truth all his life. At the same time, he is also a pacifist and idealist. He is a man who lives in the dream. His success lies in pursuing ideal and opinions by expressing music, rather than just sing songs. His imagination in his heart is expressed by words and music. Despite the fact that his imagination is unreality at present, the connotation that his songs express has won the praise of countless people.


Inspiration from Taylor Swift

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It is quite common that we relate the lyrics of a song with the singer’s own life stories. And it is only singers who have been through ups and downs could deliver strength through meaningful lines.

This is how I perceive Taylor Swift and her music. She is elegant, classy and tall! Basically you see her every week in cover stories or web pages. She is mostly talked about over her taste of fashion and music. In a world filled with gossip like this, it is impossible to be in cover stories only with a new album. But thank God she is looked at more as “a fashionable country singer” instead of “a fashionable celebrity who also makes some pieces of music from time to time”.
Taylor‘s way into an artist was tough. She became interested in music since she was little. But she didn’t have the luck when she was young as a performer. She was sometimes badly treated by her peers and that was really hard for a kid at her age. However these downs did not get her. The fire in her heart never burnt out. She made a number of hits based on her own life experience, which made them so inspiring to listen to. One of the songs I love the most is Long Live. It is a song about being persistent to your dreams no matter what the world thinks or says. There are lines like Long live the walls we crashed through, and the cynics were outraged, screaming this is absurd. The encouraging lyrics with Taylor‘s upbeat voice, are truly telling a lot to listeners.

We all love voices with a soul, don’t we? That explains her success these years as one of the youngest country music artist.


We are the world

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“We are the world” is a profound public song with beautiful melody. In 1986, it has won the Grammy awards, the Best Song of the Year. This piece of classical song cannot be washed off for 25 years.

The prelude of charity has been opened up in British singing sensation. The black singer, Harry Belafonte, has made some suggestions. Michael Jackson, as a promoter, calls for American singer to record “We are the world”, which is supported by lots of big singers. The song is implemented by Harry Belafonte and Kenny Rogers. Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie compose songs. In addition, it is produced by Quincy Jones. On February,1985, 45 famous singers cooperated sincerity and gathered in the studio in Los Angeles. They recorded the charity song—– “We are the world”, which was a miracle in the musical field. The song is recorded in the USA for Africa.

As a matter of fact, the song expresses heartfelt wishes of people all over the world. Bob Geldof, Irish singer, held a vocal concert for this song. He said sentimentally that it is neither a pop concert nor TV show. Actually, it is a rescue of people. His sincere has moved other singer. In fact, it is hard to organize all those unrestrained singers. However, Bob Geldof does it. All those singers stick together and accomplish this historical feat. In the concert, rock stars sing the theme song “We are the world” to show their common desire that is to save the hunger and death struggle of the people of Africa.
“We are the world” not only brings food to famine refugee in Africa so as to save tens of thousands of people’s life, but also the hope of our heart. The song has brought love to the people in trouble all over the world.


The power of reflection

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We all love good psychological books . They are meditating and smoothing to read, like talking to a therapist. One book of this type that i recently read is called Loving What Is : Four Questions That Can Change Your Life. It helps readers cope with depression, frustration , and other negative thinking in order to enjoy the bright side of life.

We are often asked ‘ Are you ok ? ‘ But people do not expect a negative answer from you. In this case, we must know for ourselves if we are.

The author reads our mind when it comes to fears, which are the cause of many problems in our lives. The most common fears include old age, losing jobs or relationships, identity crisis , peer pressures and so on. However if we take a closer look, these worries can be sorted into two categories: what does not matter much and what you can not change. Most of the human worries are unnecessary. Worries need to be part of the solution, or else it is a mental illness.

Truth is, what we can lose , or possibly be deprived of , are mostly what we are able to live without. The author gives us prescriptions. We need to step out of our comfort zone and explore the unknown from time to time. In this book Loving What Is , the author shares her methods to that can also be applied to each reader, considering the fact the a high percentage of readers, are suffering from depression .

The author explains in her book that “It’s not the problem that causes our suffering; it’s our thinking about the problem.”Attitudes basically determines how much we are able to enjoy our life and success in work. So cast your fears away. Talk to your inner self. Step forward.


Jane Eyre

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Jane Eyre is one of classics in the history of English literature and handed down from one generation to the next. It successfully created the first female image in British literary. The female image is described to pursue love, life, social and religious status. In addition, it dare to struggle and fight for liberty and equal status.

Women who like reading foreign literary works all read Charlotte’s Jane Eyre. It is wrong if we think that Charlotte write Jane Eyre only for writing the touching love story. The author is a female who lives in turbulent and changing society in Britain in the middle of the 19th century. New thoughts arise at that time. In Jane Eyre, women’s independent consciousness is full of the whole book. Let us imagine that if Jane’s independence has been killed in her childhood life. She has lived together with Rochester if she has no independence. Jane Eyre is not an emotional classic if she has no such purity. So, I begin to think that why Jane eyre is so touching and let readers fondle admiringly. It is her independent personality and charming character.

However, we cannot help asking that can females become independent? I think it will not. After all, women’s independence is a long-term process and it cannot be achieved overnight. It needs a kind of thorough courage. I think it is the most critical step and also a decisive step towards independence.

Jane Eyre is regarded as the classic of female independence. More females like Jane can show up whether they are beautiful or ordinary. As a matter of fact, “Jane Eyre” is a complicated theme in its own right and also a word whose value and meaning change over time. Jane Eyre has presented great literature value in British literature.


Harry Potter

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In Harry Potter, false things become true. There are wizard, monster, elves and demon. They respectively represent the good and evil. This kind boy, harry potter, is the main character in the story. Seen from the whole book, the author regards the little sorcerer’s magical experience as clues to show sincere feelings between children and children, students and teachers. In addition, the book also shows children’s wit and courage when they face difficulties. They have escaped the difficulties again and again. The book has recorded interesting things of harry potter and his friends in this mysterious and magic schools.

Everything is so amazing. Old and young wizard lives in this mysterious country. The owl becomes their messenger. Besides, the owl can open and read the letter. The flying broomstick is their traffic tool. Chess can think just like human being. They take orders from their masters. People in the portraits are alive and can smile and blink their eyes. Everything is so magical here. No wonder harry potter can be a little wizard that is famous all over the world. I admire the author of the book. How imaginative she is! I most admire the courage that harry potter and his friends show while facing evil. They always hold a belief that it is an unusual country and dangerous moment exists around, but once you trust yourself, you will fight agaist everything and win finally. How firm belief it is! I am often touched by their firm belief while seeing the breathtaking moment.

All in all, it is a magic book. There is a magical land in another corner of this world. Harry potter with incredible power lives there. I fell into a magic time and space while reading this book. Harry Potter is an interesting book that readers can enjoy amazing and magic experiences.


On Shutter Island

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This is not the first movie I saw from Leonardo DiCaprio , nor the best as compared with Titanic. But it is without any doubt the one that I expect from him.

He has been trying to digest various kinds of roles in the recent years. This is a nice try as an artist who is more talked about by audience by his personal life and charm.

The movie Shutter Island is thrilling , not in terms of setting or plot, but by it’s message within. The island is like a mini society we are living in nowadays. There is always an authority beyond us in charge. It could be government or something like that. It is men against the system.

There has always novels on this topic, such as 1984, one of my all time favorite. And this movie is also trying to draw some conclusion on this topic. Illegal experiments are done on the island on people’s mind. Some part of the brain is cut out so that the person becomes obedient. Isn’t this metaphor familiar ? Haven’t we all been brainwashed somehow by our surroundings, usually the government?

What is stunning is that in the end, the hero of the movie is diagnosed as a lunatic who makes up the whole story. There is no experiment , no brain surgery, only a mental institution and morbid patients. Leonardo is one of the patients ! This is ironic that the first part of the movie is misleading the audience and when they realize what is actually happening, it begins to feel creepy.

I would rather interpret the movie differently . Sometimes the reality is lying while fictions are telling the truth. The system damages our brain , rewrites our memory and blames it all on us. It is a movie worth watching twice and analyzing.


God, I love the 80s

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Yes, I am crazy about the 80s. It is a time of upbeat electronic music, funny clothes and seek for truth.

Five kids were grounded in the school library over the weekend because of the wrong deeds that they did. These wrong deeds are not that absurd but that was the reality in schools in the 80s. They represent different prototypes at that time: spoiled princess, athlete, school bully, geek and weirdo. They hate each other in the first place but after being grounded together they get to know each other and become close. They all have dreams, desires and a young heart. As the main characters say, you would not understand if you have grown up into indifferent adults.
Allison Reynolds: When you grow up, your heart dies.

Bender: Who cares?

Allison Reynolds: I care.

This movie is not only about being rebellious as a teenager, it is also about being true to your dreams. However big your dream is , you need to protect it. There are always voices telling you what kind of person you should be, but you have to think for yourself in the first place and always question.
Due to the mono scene in school library , there has been a large quantity of dialogues , most of which are so classic and inspiring.

Breakfast Club is an all time classic that’s for sure. For we have all been confused and lost, angry and young.


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